Heritage Day Craft

Thanks for joining us at our 2022 Ballina Heritage Day craft. We chose to make kaleidoscopes as part of our theme on “hope”. Hope is looking forward to something amazing – just like we look through the kaleidoscope and see amazing patterns!

And in the bible, hope is never about crossing your fingers and wishing for something to happen. It is always spoken of as a certain hope. It’s a real hope. A hope anchored in truth and assurance. That’s because, for Christians, our hope is not in ourselves or our performance… we don’t say “I hope I’m good enough to go to heaven.” That would be a very flimsy hope indeed! The Christian hope is certain because it is based on what Jesus has already done – his death for our forgiveness and resurrection for our future.

Our bible verse for this year’s Heritage Day is from Hebrews 11 verse 1, which says:

“Faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”

If you don’t have this kind of hope, you are very welcome to join us and explore the Christian message – Sundays @11am at the Ballina Family Resource Centre.

Here’s the instructions for our craft:

1. Check all the pieces are there
2. Decorate the white side of sticker
3. Peel off the sticker’s backing
4. Line up and roll sticker onto cylinder
5. Fold mirror to form triangle and insert into cylinder
6. Place eyepiece on one end
7. Insert the clear disk into cylinder and put colourful pieces on top of it
8. Insert the cloudy disk into black ring and place onto the cylinder
9. Enjoy your kaleidoscope! It works best when looking towards a light source.